Refund policy

Returns and Complaints

The customer may, within 14 days, after receiving the product, proceed with its return and/or claim for any defects (except for normal wear and tear of the product).

For this purpose, the return/claim must be formalized by email sent to the address In the exhibition, the Customer must expressly indicate the reasons for his/her return/complaint, always mentioning the order number and the data with which he/she made the order/purchase.

The website support team , will coordinate with the Customer how to proceed with the return of the merchandise, in case it is justified, SCARPIN assuming the costs of returning the same and the costs of a new delivery in cases of defect of the merchandise.

In situations where the reasons for the return are not the responsibility of SCARPIN, the return will be accepted, only after checking the good condition of the returned parts and their packaging, and the amount paid by the Customer will be refunded, deducted from the delivery transport costs ( even if these were assumed by SCARPIN) and the return shipping costs. As a result, SCARPIN reserves the right not to accept product returns without prior notice, as mentioned above, and that do not comply with the same conditions of compliance on the date of delivery to the Buyer (namely products that have undergone any type of use, transformation, damage and/or lack of original packaging/ accessories/ additions).